We live in pakistan where ticks effect cattles especially in months of May,June,July and august also our neighbours like India,China  bear huge economic losses because of ticks attack on domestic and farm cattles.So, Its seasonal need to write about ticks.

All ticks are parasitic feeder on blood.All ticks have incomplete metamorphosis.  

Ticks are grouped in three families of which two have genera that attack on domestic animals

 Family Argasidae

Two genera of this family attack on cattle

genus Ornithodoros

genus Otobius

Family Ixodide

seven genera of this family attack on cattles

genus Amblyomma

genus Dermacentor

genus haemaphysalis

genus hyalomma

genus Ixodes

genus margaropus

genus rhipicephalus.

All this is about classification of ticks.Next post will be on the species found in pakistan,india and china .How to prevent or traet these ticks to avoid loses?.Sorry from other readers of USA,Australia,UK as they have to wait a little for the genera of that areas


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